3 Aug

Hey there beautiful souls 🙂

How are you doing? Gosh it’s been so long since I wrote, I can’t even begin to describe how much I have missed you guys and writing on here. I know us bloggers get apologetic whenever we go through a hiatus and explain ourselves but let me just say it feels so great to be seating on this chair, at this present moment, going crazy over my keyboard overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas aah…it’s so amazing to be back 🙂 Oh well, first things first. If you’ve been on the blog before, you’d know that I have been in law school this year (for my Advocates Training Programme) and boy has it been a ride! Talk about good bye world and hello solitude. Sometimes you feel like your life is not yours anymore and is subjected to some whole other foreign command that you cannot even fathom but hey, such is life. The good stuff don’t come easy. Very well, that is talk for another day. Let’s get right into it.

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For the longest time, my girlfriend and I always go for fruit and yoghurt rounds right after Sunday mass. We both love to cook, though I must admit that I suck at following recipes (I experiment a whole lot!) but she’s pretty good with them, so we decided to be having cook out whenever the opportunity presents itself. As I turn a blind eye to any sous chef self-proclamations, my instincts have worked out great, more often than not. We’ve been doing it for a while now and I figured why not share some of the fun experiences. Disclaimer: cooking is not always as fabulous as seen on Pinterest and the Food Network. So I realized that I always tag along when my friends make trips to City Market (Nairobi CBD) to buy meat products and not once have I ever made a purchase. Maybe it’s the pungent smell that slaps your face as you get close by, walking on the street adjacent to it. Then again, you wouldn’t expect to be welcomed by a whiff of vanilla and lavender extracts at a meat product market. Last week, I decided to break the cycle and make my first purchase. It is so affordable by the way when you compare it to meat products available at the local store. After spending a whole afternoon on Pinterest, I settled for pork. You can go wrong with pork, it cooks so easily and fast. I was so excited after going through so many recipes that I ended up getting confused. I wanted to try everything and put in all my favorite ingredients that I had to constantly remind myself less is more. At around mid-week I marinated the pork which, trust me, gets you super lazy to cook afterwards if you let it marinate overnight. Getting home after hours did not help either. I put a tbsp of dark soy sauce, 1 squeezed lemon, black pepper, nutmeg, ground ginger and garlic. After this I let the pork lay in the marinade and flipped it an hour later so that it can soak in the flavor.


This was in the refrigerator for two nights. I knew I wouldn’t get time to cook it until the weekend so I put it in the freezer. You can imagine how I dashed back home last Sunday. Finally, I get to roast my pork. Luckily, I had remembered to remove it from the freezer the previous night so thawing was not a problem. So I’m gonna tell you a secret that will change your life! (well, not a secret after this) My cousin gave me a tip on how to cook meat well on the inside using high heat. “Wrap it in foil”, he said, “that way it will not be exposed to heat on the surface but from within”. Lord knows I have no patience when it comes to obeying this tummy’s commands!



I added some onions to give it some flavour. Perhaps I should make caramelized onion rings next time. 🙂




Fold the edges of the foil, pour a bit of left over marinade and wrap it completely. Place the wrapping on the baking tray and these babies are ready for war!



I let them cook for about 20 mins (I did not have the exact temperature because my oven is not electric and uses gas…think I should buy one of those food thermometers) and they were as ready as ever. Pour out the excess marinade and let it dry over left over oven heat. I accompanied the same with store-bought vegetable wok stir fry. So what I thought were carrots, turned out to be butternut cubes. Eerk! I love my vegetables but prefer them crunchy. These were pretty easy to prepare. I just tossed them on the pan, added a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a dash of salt and black pepper, for about a minute and they were set.


For the sweet sauce (which I have no idea how to prepare!), I surrendered and let the creative juices take their course. With a dollop of dijon mustard, half a tbsp of soy sauce, a whole lot of ketchup and a dash of fine white sugar, I invented an award winning sweet and sour Nyasani signature sauce. 🙂 All that and some good old boiled white rice and you got yourself a kick ass meal!


Isn’t she lovely? Remember when I said cooking is not as glamorous as it looks on the internet? Here goes. Food presentation is such a struggle!!!!!! the number of times we had to clean out our plate is just embarrassing to disclose. From the downfall of our rice tower to the sauce that kept on smudging everywhere, I have a new found respect for culinary experts.


Well, I don’t know about you but this took our breath away! 🙂 Tastes as good as it looks. I cannot wait for our next adventure.

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From Nyasani with love :-*



21 Jan

Ever wondered how to wear brighten it up at the office without looking like you are getting ready for a Tomorrowland festival? That makes the both of us. I love wearing color and no matter how official and conservative I try to be, I always end up gushing over it. Well, Episode 3 is here to let you know that you can still look professional and close that deal because hey, polite colors never made people burst out into smiles 🙂

Work Outfit 1It can be challenging to layer one bright color over the other especially if the fabrics are with no print. The secret is to always keep it light. I paired my aqua blue skirt which I also wore here with a mustard shirt and animal print court shoes. Pastel hues work magic when color blocking, just make sure one piece is slightly darker so that the one color doesn’t get lost in the other. It is also important to wear and under garment that matches with the shirt if there is any chance of visibility, chiffon is very notorious! I wore a light blue camisole for this number to go with the pencil skirt.??????????A turquoise neck piece to add some contrast to the neck area. Two bright colors are more than enough so I kept my shoes and bag as minimalist as possible. ??????????



What say you beautiful souls? I hope you will bring more color to the boardroom next time 🙂

Work Outfit 2

From Nyasani with love 🙂


21 Jan

Happy hump day beautiful souls 🙂

Hope you are having a great sailing through the week. As we look forward to yet another weekend, the almost the last of January can you imagine? I thought I’d do a recap of my Sunday shenanigans this past week 🙂 I had the pleasure of attending The Britam Kenya Guineas Race Day, my brother was such a sport for inviting me, thank you Edward! Any excuse to dress up fancy would definitely have me in attendance 🙂 Not to mention the glamorous sporting activities like sky diving, aerobatic stunt flying and of course the lovely horses that march with such gusto…which they refer to as ponies for reasons I am yet to find out 😀 The first time I went for a derby and heard the term ‘Ponies’ I anticipated little baby horsies but alas! Well, I’ll gather courage and ask the spectators next time. Either way, I had an amazing time and caught up with lots of friends. What a fun Sunday afternoon plan!Derby Fashion 1



DSCN2916It’s a great place to mingle too! And with that, I am getting myself that 2015 derby calendar! Be sure to catch up with the latest of ‘The Working Girl Challenge Series’ coming up shortly.

Derby Fashion 2

From Nyasani with love :*